Bobby the photobomber

The next morning, following a hearty breakfast at the diner down the street, we set about assembling the liner, insulation and cover layers.

After lunch my brothers installed the floating floor. David is especially talented at this and standing on the very top of the ladder. 

On the morning of May 24th Trevor and I picked up the yurt kit from Pacific Yurts in Cottage Grove. Later that afternoon my little brothers, Bob and Dave arrived from the SF Bay Area and together we unloaded the yurt kit and attached the bottom retention ring to the floor before proceeding to the local cider house for dinner and refreshments. 

At about six that evening we found ourselves, five Pitts boys, Bob, Dave, Trevor, Jordan, and myself, looking at the box of parts marked, "Some assembly required". Someone said, "How far do you think we can get before dark?"...

Without my brothers, son, and nephew I would not have been successful in assembling this studio.


With hoe and shovel I cleared the grass and weeds to lay the foundation.

Trevor and I used a transit to place and level the piers made from recycled plastic.

Next we laid out the 4x6 girders, 2x6 blocking and rim. 2" thick R-12.9 rigid insulation was used to fill between the framing.

Trevor and Jordan carried in and laid out the 1 1/8" plywood subfloor. Then Trevor used a router attached to a board as a 10' diameter compass to cut the round floor.